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I'm a writer

but I do other things like;





coaching football,

playing music

& chilling with my wife and two beautiful rescue cats

I've got a novel out,

it's a science fiction book called Electrodermal,

You can order it from me here or buy it from  Beyond Cataclysm Books.

The art on the cover is by  Law Tissot 

an artist from Southern Brazil

Check his work out here:

Big thanks to all the people who made it possible by supporting my Kickstarter.


I draw stuff too in a cartoon style,

sometimes I paint my pictures using watercolours

like this one I did of my band Speed Dinosaurs

playing Bramley Baths for our bass player's birthday.

If you want me to draw or paint you something, let me know and we can work something out.

My art page on Instagram is here

I play futsal and coach it, you can watch me playing some games on Youtube.

Here we are turning up with too few players and losing against Manchester, and here against York.


I'm the one in net saving and conceding goals for Leeds Super Eagles, sometimes getting smacked in the face!

I've played this game since about 25 and coached it for most of that time. 

I also run my own club, Hyde Park & Woodhouse FC based in Leeds LS6. 

Just for fun or to improve playing futsal is fun!

HP&W FC fa futsal cup 2019.jpg

Hyde Park & Woodhouse FC in the FA Futsal Cup in 2019.

I'm playing for Leeds Super Eagles vs Manchester Futsal Club in 2022.

Ping Pong

Story of John Davison

When I was in nursery school, doing some drawing I suddenly                                          got an overwhelming feeling and certain knowledge that                                                  I should be a writer. 

This was kind of nice because it sorts it out and makes life easier.

So during my life I've always loved writing, whether songs, poems, non-fiction or fiction I really like being able to explore human experience and trying to describe things in interesting ways. 

That said, during my life I've worked out I love doing lots of other things like, playing sport, especially goalkeeping, writing and playing music, jamming and compiling with other musicians, doing vocal harmonies, helping young people learn and basically creating cool stuff. So I want to try to make the world better through my actions and the art and writing I make.

Simple eh?



28th May 2022

That's the date I launched my book. I'd been writing and editing this on and off for 5 years and it was so good to see it as a finished product and to celebrate with my friends. I can't wait for as many people to read it as possible. You can order it from me here.

We're had a launch event party at The Chemic Tavern in Leeds, both an online event and a physical event with bands, readings and poetry, it was awesome!

The noevl is £10 for a copy. There are a set of exclusive postcards designed by Law Tissot to go with this and 50p per sale goes to tree planting to offset the print carbon. 


This is the blurb from the rear of the book:

United Kingdom 2039 

A trip to the gym leads to a device being implanted that uses blood as fuel for a deadly implosion. Will programmer Mark Allman survive when his conscience  becomes a ticking time bomb?

A speculative insight into the effect of digital progress, and its impact on society.




The last few years I've enjoyed making a podcast with my friend Blake, my wife Charlotte and guests. You can check it out here and on other good pod platforms.

image0 (1).jpeg
Pink Sugar

Teaching songs

me playing tune.jpg

Obviously I'm a really cool teacher when I teach secondary English, well I'm getting better at it and it can be tough in the classroom. I try to be nice and throw in some things to be at least memorable.

One of the things I've started doing is singing and rapping to learners to help them pick up skills or revise. If I had time I'd record proper versions of these but some of my efforts during lockdown at edutainment are here on my teacher Youtube channel..


These are pretty rough and ready and my best performances are in the class which obviously I can't show you.

You can check out my art and follow me on Instagram, @johndavison82

I mainly just post art I've made, cartoons and paintings and follow me on Facebook on my writer page.


Thanks for checking my site and let me know if I can help you somehow.

Say hi and I'll get back to you there or via the email below.

Or subscribe to get latest info, I promise I won't spam you, only occasionally tell you cool things.

All that remans is to show our beautiful cats leading their best life...

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