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I'm going to update this section about things I'm working on or have finished.

For the fastest updates you can follow me on social media on my Facebook page & Instagram.


Superflous - sci-fi short story

This is a 10,000 word short story I wrote between May - July last year. It follows a protagonist who is a futuristic influencer. It was planned when on holiday last Easter in Lanzarote inspired by a couple of things that happened there and mainly written on the train coming too and from work. This was a real joy to write and was completed during a my second bout of Covid isolation. I'm really happy with this and plan to publish it in an anthology with other writers.


If you're interested or know any gathering anthologies that would like this type of work please let me know.

Illustrated Novella

This is a bigger project I've been working on since July '22. It's a story about a banker who gets cursed, more of a fantasy where I link with ideas about big business and reflect about the effects of hyper-masculinity in a boys' club style toxicity.


This was something I started writing years ago in a creative writing club I ran at a previous school in 2018. I started adding to it one day whilst waiting outside whilst a plasterer sorted a huge hole in our ceiling whilst I was still recovering from Covid. I've been writing and drawing this mainly on the train too and from work, but here's me sat by the pool in Marrakesh giving it some proper time. I hope to finish the art and illustrations either later this year or in 2024. I'm aiming for around 30,000-35,000 words.


Illustration, shorts & other work

I'm doing various other bits and bobs of writing and art for various sources. Usually writing on the train...

I helped my friend Tony draft a business document for potential investors for his awesome ethical saves-the-world venture. He puts various people in touch to help deal with and lessen the effects of climate change. Check out Climate It's really inspiring what they're doing.

I've agreed to illustrate a friend's poem about the history of the UK for children's publication, it's really funny and I've started drafted some sketches to him.

I've got a couple of other short sci-fi stories I've planned and will try to work on with my after school creative writing group and have sent another short to a poetry / prose mag. I have a plan for another sci-fi novel further down the line.

Non-fiction articles

I write fairly regularly non-fiction articles, mainly I publish these in a zine called Lights Go Out

I publish usually every few issues with them. I keep meaning to add these onto my blog, but I think reading is better done on paper.

Topics I've written about include:

Politics, Technology, Films, Music, Ecology, Lifestyle, Humour, Nostalgia and various other bits and pieces.

I also do some music reviews for them and have interviewed musicians for their pages. 

Check them out, they're great value at £1 plus p&p!

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Contact me:

If you have any projects you want to help or would be interested in me assisting, drop me an email and lets chat about them.

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