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I'll add any press coverage of my writing here.

If anyone wants to chat or interview me for any media purpose please get in touch!


10 Writers to Follow

Check out:

Adam Byfield

George Orwell

Adlous Huxley

John Wyndham

Isaac Asimov

Margaret Atwood

Ray Bradbury

Ivan Turgenev

Philip K Dick

and Nina Zina

1-On-1 With John Davison

Anyone want to do an interview?

Get in touch!

We can have a chaaaaat! :D


We did an interview about the book and its release on Superbeast Podcast episode 21. You can listen to what we talked about between 1.01:45-1.13:10.

Short Stories & Projects

I won 2nd prize in a short story competition when I was about 5 (see pic above) in the Abbey Infants days called  The Magic Box. I won a small notepad and pencil set.

I've written a short story called Cool to Lie which I'm submitting to sci-fi journal and one for the IBN Coffee project by Beyond Cataclysm

I've written another sci-fi short story last year called Superfluous. It's about a futuristic influencer inspired by some events that I observed in Lanzarote last year. I'd like to get this published in an anthology.


My main project at the minute is an illustrated novella about a banker who gets cursed, I hope to publish it in 2024. I'm mainly writing this on the train too and from work.


I've also got a couple of short sci-fi stories I've planned and will work on in the after school creative writing group I run.


There's also a projected follow up sci-fi novel further down the line. 

Reviews and comments on Electrodermal so far...

Press / Feedback

“I found it a rollercoaster of a read … your ideas raised many questions” - Christine W.

“A thought provoking read - I just kept reading to the end.” Nick B.

“Couldn't put it down. Really enjoyed it. Lots to think about.” - Jane C.

“Fantastic read.” - Andy B.


“Delves deep into a dystopian fiction in a breathless flight through a cyberpunk landscape … intertwines speculative strands on technology’s direction as a regulator and liberator, and our own relationships with technology in the present day. Totally Enjoyable.” - Cubesville


“…this energy crisis: what will our relationship towards it be? Will we be in a position where we can’t help other countries with less developed infrastructure? Those who haven’t been able to upgrade … “

“It is a flawed notion that individualism leads to greater happiness.” The legion of voices began, “We cannot help being part of an interconnected world, and it’s only through intelligent, coordinated action that we can improve individual happiness and give ourselves the best chance of survival and prosperity.”

“Technology is a two-way gate… For everything ever created with a use, it also has a misuse: a way to use it against its intended will.”

“How much more accurate and useful was the advice when your device is always listening? Scanning fingers, eyes, facial patterns, worry and most importantly the electrodermal flux contained on and outside the skin?”

Here's a review from issue 25 of

One Way Ticket to Cubesville zine.

I also get interviewed in the zine along with other punks who talk about prose. You can read that interview here.

Cubesville is an awesome zine and Rev. Richard Cubesville is a great guy to chat to, hard working and honest - I highly recommend all his zines.

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