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44 pages of cartoon drawing mostly live at gigs and comentary between April - July 2019.

Cartons from the Pit issue 1

  • 44 Page mini cartoon drawing zine, mostly done live at gigs in 2019. Available now in S (10.5 x 10.5cm & XS (9cm x 9cm). Proceeds split between the promoters of events featured in the zine, Wells for Africa and

    Pictures and commentary of: Chuck Coles, Frankie Stubbs, Backyard Burners, Slam Dunk Festival, Lagwagon, Millencolin, Gallows, Less Than Jake, Lights, Bad Religion, NOFX, queuing, Open mic at The Lifeboats Well-next-the-sea, Alice, Joe Kiran & Trevour, Ken Connor and the House band, seals at Blakeney Point, bird watching at Stiffkey salt marshes, Curtis Eller's American Circus, Swinefest at Fulford Arms, Snakerattlers, Almighty Uprisers, Officer Down, drinks in Vudu, Hostel, Rowntree Park, Grandmother Suplex, The Carnival Rejects, FOllow Your Dreams, The Crash Mats, Petrol Hoers and Rash Decision.

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