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Cartoon drawing zine made between August 2019 - January 2020


54 pages of gig drawings and other live drawn images and commentary.


This is a mini zine about 10.5cm x 10.5cm bound in dark green wool.

Cartoons from the Pit issue 2

  • Raising money for: the promoters in the issue, Wells for Africa &

    This issue is available in XS (9cm x 9cm) & S (10.5cm x 10.5cm) bound with green wool as it was too thick to staple!

    In this issue: end of term drinks, China Shop Bull, Radio Partizan, Spare Room Arts at Lakefest 2019, story time with Jacob Crcker, The Kaiser Chiefs, Miss Chief and the Mister Meaners, Bhangra Active, Paul Henshaw &the Scientific Simpletons, The Red Hot CHili Pipers, 3 Daft Monkeys, The Happy Mondays, Circus Skills, the finger puppet stall, Cheesey Disco, fire pit at the campsite, Stevie's, Trio, Dogs of Bollekesfeest, Grote Markt, Speed Dinosaurs, Foxes Faux, Superbeast Podcast, Lanzarote; First day on the beach, view from Moet, Hairies of the Canaries, knob-heads at the beach, Jameos del Agua, Happy dog on a wall at Arrecife, Spanish supermarket cervezas, Women Batucada, sunset over a green island, Lightyear, [spunge], Reel Big Fish, Nice as Pie Fest, Brigadistas, The Sewer Cats, Plot 32, Mr Shiraz, Dad, Follow your Dreams, Boom Boom Racoon,Slap Rash, Brassick, Fidgit, Grindcore Cakemakers, Andy at Nice as Pie, Kaz on the girder and drinks at Shipley Weatherspoons.

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