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A6 gig drawing zine featuring art from myself, Sio, Kaz and Kim all done live  at Manchester Punk Festival 2022.


Commentary and images on: ourselves (self portraits and profiles), organising, planning, phone warriors, Pizzatramp, Shaun & Beth, Hatch, Martha, Union Floor, train home, Smoking Gives you Big Tits, Aerial Salad, In Evil Hour, Waco, Much the Same, The Menstrual Cramps, Decent Criminal, Random Hand, Fair Do's, Terrorpins, Darko, Drones, Sound & Lighting, Accidente, Holiday, Bobby Funk, Knife Club, Follow Your Dreams, Oi Oi Polloi, Christmas, Electric Press, Boom Boom Racoon, Crazy Arm, Nana, Animal Byproducts, Snakerattlers, The Dauntless Elite, Pat Butcher, Mikey Erg, Jaya the Cat, Riskee & the Ridicule, Roughneck Riot, Covered in Punk, Dan Blake, Snatch Game, Bruise Control & Chunderwall.


Proceeds of the zine are split between MPF (33%), Wilwslow Wells for Africa (33%) and Escosia (tree planting - 33%) 1% to me!

Cartoons from the Pit - Manchester Punk Festival 2022 zine

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