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A6 gig drawing zine featuring art from myself and Sio Orient (culturbia_lino).


Commentary and images on: ourselves (intros); Sio - beer and tacos, wristband collection, Swansong, Hot Mass, Hatch, Fidget & the Twitchers, pints, arguement, stumbling around Manchester, Lightyear, enjoying the music; me - Driving over the Pennies, Bruise Control, The Human Project, Faintest Idea, Petrol Girls, Stöj Snak, The Restarts, Knife Club, Jodie Faster, Casual Nausea, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Terrorpins, Boom Boom Racoon, Lightyear, In Evil Hour, drunk punx, Fidgit & the Twitchers, Melonball, Harijan, Millie Manders & the Shutup, Wonk Unit, The Chloe Hawes band, Speed Dinosaurs adn Guttr punk allstars.


Proceeds of the zine are split between MPF (33%), Wilwslow Wells for Africa (33%) and Escosia (tree planting - 33%) 1% to me!

Cartoons from the Pit - Manchester Punk Festival 2023 zine

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