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Paper copy of Electrodermal + 6 exclusive postcards designed by the cover illustartor Law Tissot. Each card contains a quote from the text.





A near-future science fiction / speculative fantasy novel.


United Kingdom 2039 


A trip to the gym leads to a device being implanted that uses blood as fuel for a deadly implosion. Will programmer Mark Allman survive when his conscience  becomes a ticking time bomb?


A speculative insight into the effect of digital progress, and its impact on society.

Electrodermal & postcard bundle

SKU: JD0004
  • If this gets lost or damaged in the post and you aren't satisfied contact me to arrange of replacement copy.

  • Items are weighed, for a novel & postcards this is the rough size guide:


    £4 p&p to UK

    £6 p&p to Europe

    £8 p&p to the rest of the world

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